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HI, I'm Luciano.

Freelance SEO content writer who's...

#1 Earned a bachelor degree in marketing
#2 Started working as an generalist marketer (with a knack for content) in startups and agencies
#3 Made a successful career shift to IT
#4 Graduated CXL in Growth Marketing
#5 Shifted back to a career in digital marketing
#6 Found a passion for SEO-content writing
#7 Built an SEO content writing portfolio
#8 Now here saluting you
In that order.

Three Boxes, Pick One.

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SEO Content Writer

Writing content that charms both humans and robots with equal success.

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Creative Writer

Conceptual thinking, offbeat form, humor, wordplay, versatility. Pick your potion.

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Content Strategist

Guiding, informing, and building workflows so brands can top the Google in due time.

Grow Your Business With SEO Content Writing

Rely on proven strategies to get you higher rankings in 2024.

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Writing for Davids, Not Goliaths

Brands bold and curageous. Unique and daring. The ones going against the norm or pushing to new heights. I'm driven to help you, the underdogs, snatch the piece of the pie with SEO content writing.

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Honoring The Trust With Results

Growing a business is a big challenge, I get that. Entrusting SEO content writer to take care of his part is worth a lot more than just a monthly transaction. I'm here to show my appreciation by getting those results for you.