Reddit for SEO: How to Use Reddit To Write Content That Ranks

Have you noticed Reddit ranking higher recently? If you didn’t, well, it is - and rightfully so. It’s value-packed and straight-up helpful. Moreover, people ask real-world questions and find useful answers. This makes Reddit a great resource for creating top-ranking, well-written content.‍

As an SEO content writer, I’ve ranked hundreds of articles in the top 10 search results. These pieces aren’t just bringing organic traffic; they also generate decent revenue for my clients. 

Here’s the big reveal. 

Every one of these 100+ articles was made using Reddit. And I mean every, single piece. 

Hold tight. We're about to dive deep into my article outline process that sets up these pieces to rank high on search engines. Plus, we'll see how Reddit plays a crucial role in an effective SEO strategy.

Latest SEO News Says Reddit is Google’s Favorite

It’s obvious. Recent Google updates are favoring content from Reddit. 

These changes are part of Google's efforts to prioritize user-generated content and real-world perspectives over SEO-optimized content that might lack depth. Or maybe, Google figured, if too many people type ‘Reddit’ at the end of a search query, it must be a sign. 

Additionally, a study has shown that Reddit, in particular, has been featured prominently in Google's product review search results. This skyrocketed the platform’s visibility in certain types of search queries​ (Search Engine Land)​.

How to Use Reddit to Boost SEO Content Writing

Reddit is a treasure trove of information. It's not just helpful; it's often the first place people turn to when they have specific, detailed questions that YouTube or blog content doesn't answer. 

I've always found Reddit crucial for on-page SEO and crafting blog content outlines. Even long before Google started highlighting it more in search results. It would give every topic the depth it needed to actually help users and rank. 

1. Keyword Research

The first part of publishing any successful content is keyword research. So far, we won’t be needing Reddit - Semrush or Ahrefs will do. 

The goal here is to identify the keyword you have a chance to rank for. 

First, reality-check the website you’re writing for. The thing I’m mainly looking for right off the bat is domain authority score (DA). 

DA gives me an insight into what types of keywords and levels of competition I’ll be able to tackle. 

A small rule of thumb:

You shouldn’t be chasing keywords with a difficulty score (KD) above DA+5.

Meaning, if your DA is 25, like in the example above, the topmost KD you should aim for shouldn’t go beyond 30.

Then pick the keyword with decent search volume and competitors you know you can beat. Also make sure the intent is informational. Anything like this would seem like a very good choice. 

You shouldn’t forget to double-check the competing domains as well.

Check their content quality and domain authority. The best scenario here is to spot low DA websites with content quality you know you can beat.

Make sure at least one of these two factors works in your favor.

Based on top 5 results you'll get a sense of your chances to rank in top results. The

2. Building Article Outline  

The true challenge for SEO professionals is to make a great outline. It’s the cornerstone of ranking content. Why, you may wonder?

A clear, detailed outline lets anyone write content that ranks.

And by anyone, I mean literally anyone: Your junior content writer, generalist marketer, big SEO agency, site owner, and their aunts. With a detailed briefing, they should all be able to punch up good content that ranks. Plus, companies love it: It’s cost-efficient, allows you to scale your efforts and reaps fruit.

In general, an SEO-focused outline should include the following information: 

  • Title and H1 with semantics
  • Focus keyword
  • Meta description
  • Slug (URL) structure with focus keyword
  • Defined headline structure with H2 and H3 (using Reddit)
  • Detailed information for each H2 and H3 (using Reddit)
  • Optimal content word count
  • List of semantics
  • Cited high authority sources
  • Other data your client said was relevant

It’s best to use a standardized template to write article outlines. 

This way the process will run smoothly. Plus, you will be able to churn out more content outlines on a weekly basis. For an experienced SEO content writer, an outline for a 1000-word piece shouldn’t take more than 30 mins to complete.

 Here’s the one I’m using with most of my paying clients. Feel free to emulate. 

3. Finding hot, topic-related questions on Reddit

Subheadlines can make or break your content. 

Good ones address users’ concerns related to the main article topic. They are supporting pillars of your content. Address irrelevant issues on the other hand and your users will vanish into thin air. 

Knowing this, most SEOs turn to “People also ask”. 

These featured snippets are directly related to your focus keyword, are easy to locate, and effectively support your content. 

However, if you're looking to make your content stand out, relying solely on that strategy might not be your best bet. This is where Reddit comes in. 

Simply, just type in your focus keyword + Reddit. Check the ranking Reddit discussions. See if there are some questions you could address inside your content. Take your time to glance over a few discussions. Here’s what it looks like for “front-kicking exercises” keyword.

Here are the questions I was able to dig out thanks to Reddit. 

  • Is front-hip training useful? 
  • Does the front kick help lifting motions? 
  • What resources are there to read more about this? 
  • Is sprinting the same as front-kick exercises? 
  • What tips can you share to kick higher? 
  • How should I stretch for a front-kick?

Two or three surely qualify for H2 subheadlines. 

Can you see how this helps your content depth compared to just your ideas or ‘people also ask’? 

4. Using Upvoted Reddit Answers To Plan or Write Content

When you use the 'people also ask' feature for writing article subheadings, you know there’s a question, right? But you don’t know how many people are interested in it. 

To get that info, you usually have to manually check each keyword in an SEO tool. You can also use the 'questions' section in Semrush to explore these queries and their popularity.

On the flip side, with Reddit, you can actually see how much interest each answer generates. 

If people like an answer, they show it. 

This means you can confidently use these responses to address questions you already collected.

This approach has proven to work because it comes with social proof. Here are the answers I found useful for the front-kicking piece. 

Another big one - It’s really easy to find answers on Reddit. 

They're written clearly and simply. Straightforward for both you and your readers to understand. No need to sift through mind-boggling data online.

Start by opening a document. Copy these Reddit answers into it. Gather as many as you think you'll need—quantity matters at this stage. 

Pick the best ones and check if the information is accurate and reliable. 

This step is crucial! You want to ensure the information you share isn’t biased or incorrect, even if it’s popular. To really enhance your content with these Reddit insights, see if you can find additional evidence to back them up - research papers, expert opinions, etc.

Now your content is ready to succeed in search engines! Well, almost…

Make Sure Your Content Gets Discovered

Writing standout content is just the beginning. To truly shine in search results, your content needs to be discoverable and relevant. 

This involves a multifaceted approach, from optimizing semantics and getting backlinks to improving site speed and using structured data.

For a deeper dive, check out this detailed guide on building discovery and relevance on search engines.

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